Dublin 11 has long been a residential powerhouse, growing out of Dublin’s needs for high-quality affordable family accommodation in the 30s, 40s and 50s, but the area was traditionally centred around small villages and monastic settlements and it retains that village feel. 

glasnevin dublin 11

Dublin 11 covers a wide area in Northwest Dublin and includes Glasnevin, Ballymun and Finglas, with Santry to the west and bordered by the Royal Canal and M50. 

Who lives in the area

Glasnevin was home to some large country estates and has been seen as a desirable location for many years. Like Finglas, it was countryside until well into the 20th Century when the demands for accommodation within the North inner city required the building of large numbers of homes. This began in Glasnevin in the 30s and Finglas in the 50s and the homes in both areas reflect these periods.

Glasnevin Dublin 11

Whilst both areas are predominantly family homes, Glasnevin‘s history attracted many wealthy people and there are many large family homes in the area, whereas Finglas has attracted more recent development in the form of starter homes and Apartments.

Transport links

The N2 Serves as a major transport artery to the northwest, meaning Dublin 11 has excellent bus and road transport infrastructure, with easy access to the M50, airport and Dublin City.

glasnevin dublin 11

Dublin 11, a tourist mecca.

With most of Ireland’s historical figures buried in Glasnevin’s Prospect Cemetery (with its high walls and watchtowers built to keep bodysnatchers at bay!!), Dublin 11 has always attracted its share of tourists, and it’s a very pleasant place to visit, with a popular Museum and tours if you want to know more about its history. 

There are a number of very well regarded restaurants and cafes in the area, many of whom cater to visitors to the Cemetery and Botanic Gardens. The Gravediggers regularly top the list of Best Dublin pubs, so is well worth a visit. 

glasnevin dublin 11


From wide open spaces to broad leafy avenues, Glasnevin is a light airy residential area that offers  outstanding amenities for tourists and residents alike
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On the northern outskirts of Dublin, Finglas has had an interesting history, hosting William of Orange and Ireland’s First airport.
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