Keller Williams is designed around a desire to help people achieve their goals, but we are fully aware that each of us has different aspirations and skillsets.

The concept is built around the shared service Market centre, a centralised office space that provides Estate Agents with a ready-made office environment, meaning you don’t need to incur the fixed cost and risks associated with a long term lease, IT and admin infrastructure.

This is ideal for people wanting to set out on their own but it also creates opportunities franchise opportunities for new Market centres. It also creates a supportive environment for new agents wanting to learn their trade from a diverse pool of experienced and successful agents.

Starting your own business

Going out on your own can be a daunting prospect.

You may have strong contact book and a good name, but being your own boss can lead you to take on more cost, risk and require a mountain of back-office admin that you didn’t have before, and this can eat into your time and your profits. Keller Williams is built to support your ambitions, so read more about how we can help you here.

Setting up your own market centre

With over 980 highly successful market centres worldwide, Keller Williams has demonstrated its capability and commitment to building the Best in class real estate franchise globally.

As an Operating principal, you’ll oversee the creation of your own regional market centre to act as a base for a host of local, ambitious and successful estate agents. We’ll provide the technology, the training and the support to succeed, all you need to bring is your passion!

Find out more about the potential here.

Starting out as an agent

You’ve completed your exams and are committed to making the most of your investment and knowledge, so you need the guidance, support and structure to grow.

With over 190,000 agents worldwide, Keller Williams has created the most complete and effective learning structures globally, with comprehensive training tools, effective mentoring and a supportive work culture which will take you from newly qualified agent to potential business owner.

Back that up with best in class technology and attractive financial rewards and you’ve got the recipe for success. Find out more here