No matter where you are in your career, Keller Williams is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

If you’re a newly qualified estate agent, Keller Williams provides Best-in-class training to help you get started, and you’ll be supported and mentored by an office full of industry experts and leaders in the local estate agent market, all of whom are committed to helping you grow and succeed.

And once you feel ready to go out on your own, Keller Williams provides the perfect environment to set up your own estate agent business under your own name but in a low cost, risk-free environment.

As no other real estate business can afford to invest a fraction of the capital that Keller Williams has at its disposal, you’ll also be able to leverage the most advanced property Technology platform in the industry, used by over 190,000 estate agents worldwide.

Continuing your education as an estate agent

Irish Estate Agents are some of the most qualified in the world, and there is little you don’t know about the Rules and Regulations governing the local housing market, but Keller Williams will teach you how to make the most of this information and secure the quickest return on your investment.

Keller Williams has honed it’s offering by teaching over 200,000 students across 38 geographical markets to create the most effective training programmes, from the initial Ignite course which will introduce you to the systems and structures you will need to succeed through to specialist subjects like lead generation and wider business management courses.

Maximising your income as an estate agent.

Unlike high street brands with massive overheads and low margins, the Keller Williams model is designed to give as much as possible back to the agents through high, uncapped commissions and profit share schemes which let you benefit from continued recruitment.

You’ll benefit from the highest commissions in the industry without sacrificing back office support, so you’ll maximise your earning potential on everything you sell.

Our current commissions is 63%, but we believe that you deserve the rewards for high performance, not us, so once your sales hit a threshold, your commissions skyrocket meaning you could be retaining 90%+ of your commission for the rest of the year!

No one else can offer such generous commissions, because no other Estate Agency can deliver the economies of scale that Keller Williams can.

The leading technology platform for Estate Agents

Technology is the way forward, and Keller Williams is committed to retaining its position as the leading real estate technology company in the world. The company has invested over $1billion in technology to provide best in class platforms for its agents and Market Centre owners and plans to add next-generation consumer apps to the portfolio to deliver unparalleled access to potential buyers globally.