World-Class education

Keller Williams is committed to offering the most effective and comprehensive suite of training programmes anywhere in the industry. Keller Williams is globally recognised as not only the world leader in real estate education but is in the top ten across all industry sectors, having won countless awards and earned its place in Training Magazine’s Hall of Fame. 

Ou commitment to education provides opportunities for all levels and roles within the business, from those starting out as agents through to how to set up your own business and more competency-based programmes such as productivity improvement and finance. 

Ignite your passion

Our Ignite programme will kick you off by introducing you to the Keller Williams approach and give you all the lead generation, productivity and relationship-based sales skills needed to succeed. This is taught by experienced local agents so will kick off years of potential mentorship and coaching opportunities.

MAP your path to success

The MAPS coaching programme lets you take the first steps on a journey to owning and running your own business, with a focus on building general business skills, from accounting for your sales, organising your business, Technology and leadership skills. 

MAPS is a coaching programme which allows you to create deeper support structures and relationships within the Keller Williams family, significantly increasing your satisfaction and potential success. 

KW University

Our industry is changing rapidly and we need to stay at the leading edge if we want to continue to be the leading Brokers both globally and locally. KWU is a range of local and international classroom-based courses that are constantly evolving to meet this changing demand. 

As the courses are presented face to face, we are able to get real-time feedback which lets us adjust the courses based on the local experiences and environment, keeping our education relevant to the changing industry landscape.

KW Connect- putting you in control of your timetable

Keller Williams is a technology company so you can expect our learning opportunities to keep track of evolving trends in the eLearning sector. Courses are presented in multimedia format with video and multimedia content available at your convenience through the KW Connect portal