First-time Buyers Summit

First-time property buying is always a tough decision to make. 

As a real estate agent, I can understand the fears of investing your hard-earned savings in the wrong property which can take away your sleep and make you nervous about looking into houses. 

At Castle estate agency, we give buyers and sellers our most useful information which makes them more confident. 

For the reason that you get the best on first-time buying, I would recommend you to attend the ‘First-Time Buyers’ summit at CHQ on Thursday, January 30 at 6:30 pm.

It’s a collaboration between AIB with Lovin’ Dublin. The panellists are high-profile in the world of real estate, who will advise you about the nitty-gritty of property buying. 

The panel includes Patricia Power

first-time buyer

She is a well-known Quantity Surveyor in Ireland. Patricia will advise you on the costs of building, upgrades, renovations and much more.

The second panellist is Owen Reilly

first-time buyer

An acknowledged real estate agent in Dublin, who runs his own company that deals in South Dublin and in Dublin’s city centre and Docklands. If you are interested in property buying in Dublin 24 which is part of South-Dublin, this would be a good opportunity to ask your questions. 

The third panellist is Richard Murray 

first-time buyer

Richard will guide you through the legal bounding and the process of first time buying. 

The panel will be joined by Orla Gleeson, AIB’s head of homes who can advise you regarding the house-mortgage. 

But before you go, I would like to give you some tips that will be handy in asking the right questions:

Research the market before going to the summit: 

It is imperative to have some idea of what you are looking for before asking the right questions. You will be able to execute your questions with a clear mind and it will draw out some interesting answers from panellists if you know what to ask. Hence, you must view as many houses as you can.

Ask the Financial Institution and get your budget:

As I mentioned, AIB’s Orla Gleeson will be there. It will be a great opportunity to ask her about the budget management, deposits and mortgages; how AIB can help you avail the best options. But before you ask, make a list of offers that you already have.

Getting your life insurance if you are interested in Mortgage:

If you are interested in getting a mortgage, it is important to get your life insurance and if not, you can ask AIB regarding the whole process and necessity of Life insurance for a mortgage.

Get the solicitor’s and survey’s budget:

Get a solicitor’s budget on how much the company is going to charge you for the application and also what would be the cost of a survey if you are still looking into different areas. The figures that you compile, you can discuss them at the conference with the panellists. 

I hope these tips will help you come prepared for the summit. If you are looking for more information on buying and selling properties, you can contact me and my company. My name is Deborah Boyd and I am Client Services Manager in Castle Estate Agents which includes Dublin 24, Tallaght, Firhouse, Jobstown and Old Bawn is specifically designated to me and you can always contact me and my team on the provided details: 

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