Planning your next career move? KW offers the best opportunities for new graduates and Licencees

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Starting your own Business

If you're planning to go out on your own, KW offers a comprehensve package of business supports

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Operating a Market Centre

KW is a service business and we're always want motivated people to open their own Market centres across Ireland

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Changing the face of Irish Real Estate.

Keller Williams has been operating in the US since 1983 and is now the worlds largest estate agency with more than 180,000 agents across 1000+ market centres in 38 countries.

This success has been driven by a commitment to driving the personal productivity of each individual, independent real estate agent and delivery of best in class CULTURE, EDUCATION, TECHNOLOGY and PROFIT SHARING.

Our goal is to help the most pro-active and ambitious Irish agents achieve their life  goals

Whether you are looking to accelerate your career, step out on your own or invest in the business through opening a regional market centre, Keller Williams can help you exceed your career goals. With best in class technology, globally ranked education and a supportive environment, there is no better place to launch your own real estate brand.

Our agents can sell properties all over Ireland, and we are growing fast. Keller Williams was born in the US, but the principle of choice and customer service are universal.

This is what customers expect from their estate agent and what Keller Williams delivers here in Ireland.