No one has invested as much in Real Estate technology

Keller Williams believes that technology is the future of the real estate business and has invested over $1 billion to ensure that it is and stays the Global leader in real estate technology.

As a part of the Keller Williams family, you’ll have access to the most advanced suite of tools to help you drive your business success, whether you’re running your own Agency brand or leading a regional Market centre.

The platform is constantly evolving with new technology in listing and marketing, lead generation, team management, global collaboration and learning being rolled out constantly.

Keller Williams technology Showcase


Enter your new listing here and it will propagate to your property portals (MyHome and Daft) and FrontDoor automatically. 

KW Control panel or CP will make looking after all your contacts a breeze. Keeping in touch has never been so easy. Set up groups for potential sellers, old clients, buyers etc and have marketing campaigns ready to go with the touch of a button. See who is looking at what you send out and fine-tune your campaigns to have more effect. 

Organise your day, week and year so you never miss anything and sync with your phone, desktop and calendar. 

Set up alerts so you never miss anything.

FRONTDOOR Available Now

This is a new way to control your listings and finances, the system will automatically input the property from KW Control Panel (CP).

This will save agents from having to enter it manually. 

FrontDoor will control your commissions, your CAP and other targets such as appointment etc. 

An agent will, at a glance be able to see where they are with respect to targets, month to month and year on year. 

Front door allows the leaders to track their agent’s goals and transactions while keeping an eye on their entire business. This includes month ends and all payments and transactions.

KELLER CLOUD Available Now 

The Keller Cloud allows us to access all our apps from anywhere and everything will be automatically synced as you go. Have your desktop on your mobile or tablet and work from your car, plane, bed or kitchen table. Save time and money on travelling into the office every day and get more productive in the process.

KELLE Coming Soon

This technology will use AI, an assistant called Kelle, it’s a bit like Siri on steroids, she will be able to do anything you might need within Command, for example,

“Kelle, will you send about your neighbourhood to all contacts in list number 1”,

that’s it, they will be sent. Another example could be

“Kelle, please let me know who has looked at that email and then send further follow up email only to those who have responded” 

The more agents use Kelle, the more Kelle will learn and be able to help. In future iterations, Kelle will provide client history, details, and preferences, as well as prompt agents to take specific actions based on that stored information. For example, if it’s been a few months since an agent has contacted a new lead, Kelle will send a notification to that agent prompting them to follow up and offer a suggestion on exactly how to reach out. 

With Kelle helping with many of these everyday tasks, agents can focus on more high-level work, such as growing their business, or on spending more time with their family and friends. 

COMMAND Coming soon

Welcome to the next generation of estate agency. This is a game-changer. KW is the only company in the world that can give your agents this. 

KW Command is not just a CRM. It’s not just an email platform. A design Studio. A marketing Centre. Social Media Controller. 

This will have a personal assistant that never sleeps, never loses track of your contacts and never answers back. 

You can create a personal landing page for all your contacts giving them valuable information that they will love, see who’s opening and using it and react with more insight. 

You’ll know when your client is ready to move before they do. 


Keller Williams announced Wednesday that it was acquiring Philadelphia startup Smarter Agent in what company leadership says is part of the company’s $1 billion tech fund. 

Today more than 80% of Americans have smartphones—and according to NAR (National Association of REALTORS®), the majority of home buyers use their phone or tablet to search for their next home. 

This means mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the ideal place to engage with and stay top of mind with past clients as they use your app. 

Smarter Agent offers a simple solution: a unique app that is branded to you that is a powerful mobile tool directly linking you to homebuyers. Buyers can access and search all listings with you in mind from their mobile phones and mobile devices. You will also have access to search data from your buyers, helping you hone in on just what property will be the best for them. 


Kelle will soon be available as a consumer app for your clients. This is also AI based and as the system gets bigger, so does your client experience. 

Imagine your clients looking for their next property on Kelle, we will also know what they are looking at. 

Imagine saying “Let’s Kelle it” instead of “Let’s Google it”.