What does that really mean? 

We want to support change in the way real estate business is done in Ireland, moving it from transactional-based to relationship-based, we believe this is the future and the way it is already done in most other places in the world.

For clients, our associates become their go-to property person for life, adding value by following a robust communication model that will build that relationship and create trust.

Each client then gets a consistent, outstanding service from an individual agent who really cares, is fully trained, an expert in their marketplace, and supported by great tech. 

Be your own Boss

The Keller Williams model is not dissimilar to the way most self-employed mortgage consultants work in the Irish market, being their clients’ go-to financial person meeting all of their financial services needs and once they are established, mostly working from referrals and recommendations – that model is well-proven. 

Agents in Ireland typically sell all of their time for a fairly low basic salary, then give their company the vast majority of the value of the transactions they generate, again typically keeping only 5%-15% for themselves, that makes it very difficult for them to generate any real wealth. 

Keller Williams wants to help agents generate wealth by owning and driving their own businesses, by building and maintaining great relationships with their customers (whether or not they are actually transacting), being well-trained and supported on a proven model, retaining the majority of the income they generate (55% – 90%), as well as owning their data and being able to develop their own brand – we feel that is a revolutionary agent experience with two important additional benefits of business ownership, flexibility and autonomy

Our view is that building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships are just more fun, more enjoyable and more productive for customers and agents.

The revolutionary difference being an agent associated with KW is that you focus on building relationships and building your own database of clients, then look after them by consistently adding value, in return, they will look after you with their loyalty and advocacy – it’s how relationships work!