Top tips for decorating your home for Halloween

Over the last ten years, Halloween has become big business in Ireland, and many homes will be decked out with ghouls, ghosts and Zombies awaiting the arrival of roving bands of hungry trick or treaters! 

Halloween is a modern take on an ancient Celtic harvest festival so it makes sense that’s it’s big in 21st Century Ireland.

Samhain, the original Halloween goes back thousands of years and celebrated the end of the harvest. Ancient Celts believed that the spirits of the dead came back to menace the living unless they lit bonfires and dressed up in scary costumes to ward off the evil spirits.

When Christianity arose in Ireland, this festival became All Saints Day and its evil counterpart All Hallow’s Eve, which was taken to the states by Irish and Scottish immigrants in the 18th Century, and it is the Americans that we can thank for most of the main Halloween traditions and Decorations, from trick or treating to Pumpkin based Laterns ( they used to be made from Turnips!)

Here are some of the best Halloween decorations available in Ireland this year.

Complete scene setters

Woodies have a great selection of Wall decorations for time-poor Shoppers, with each complete set containing enough to cover a whole wall.

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Creepy Garden Skeleton

Make the most of the piles of leaves as a mock grave for this creepy skeleton from HomeStore and More

Animal Skeletons

Keeping on the Skeleton theme, Animals are big this year, like this dog from the CostumeShop, and a creepy rat.

Digital Decorations for the tech-savvy

If you want to take things a bit more high tech, how about a full digital display, like this Zombie invasion set up also from the CostumeShop who also have fog machines to complete the picture.

Orange is the new black!

Nothing says Halloween like orange, whether it’s pumpkins, candles or lights, and Homestore and More has a great selection of light solutions, from rope lights to garlands to and a warm Halloween glow to your home.

Make your own Halloween treats

Combine decoration and treats with homemade Halloween cookies and snacks like the recipes provided by Lidl, who have everything you need to cook up a traditional Irish Halloween, like these Amazing Ladies Fingers!

Maximum Treat carrying power!

Don’t let your kids miss out on treats by ensuring they have ample sweet carrying space! Woodies have a range of great themed pails to carry the biggest of hordes!

Halloween Wreaths

Wreaths have been a staple of Halloween decorations for thousands of years, and are making a big comeback this year like this range from Carraig Donn.

Witches Hat lanterns

Finally, it wouldn’t be Halloween without witches and these lanterns from Little Star Parties will bring a bright colourful glow to your spooky home.

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