5 Awesome tips to maximise your curb appeal

We all know 1st impressions are important and people make judgements in less than a second, but did you know the same is true of your house? 

Having a nice looking exterior improves the chances of selling your house quickly and boosts the value by up to 5%, because it shows the owner cares about their home, so has probably lavished the same care and attention on the interior, leaving you with a turn-key home. 

If you are looking to sell, our 5 top tips will boost your kerb appeal.

Hide your bins!

We all know we need bins, but you don’t want the remnants of last night’s takeaway being the first thing your prospective buyer sees! Keep your bins out of sight, and if they have to be around the front, consider investing in a cover or fenced off area. 

Revamp your front door. 

The front door is the focal point of the house and will be the centre of attention as the buyer approaches the house. Dirty or flaking woodwork, tired paint or dirty mats all give an impression of the house that the buyer won’t shake. Make sure the bell works, the pain is fresh and the threshold is clean to leave your buyer feeling positive as they enter your home.

Tidy the front garden

Messy gardens make buyers feel that they will have lots of work to do when they move in, leading them to look for other potential jobs as they come in. Make sure the lawn is cut, hedges and trees are tidy and beds are weeded before viewings and consider planting fragrant flowers close to the door to improve your buyer’s mood before they go in.

Test your electrics

Nothing is going to turn someone off faster than bells that don’t ring and lights that don’t work, especially at night. Make sure your bell works and that your front door is well light and welcoming and maybe think about warmer lights if you don’t feel your current illumination is up to scratch.

Update your palette

An on-trend colour scheme will help your buyers see your home as their new palace, especially as they’ve probably been searching Instagram and Home and Garden for the most uptown date look. 

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