Looking to set up your own Estate Agency in 2020? 90 compelling reasons to work with Keller Williams Ireland.

Keller Williams is home to more agents globally than any other Estate Agency and is fast becoming the go-to partner for Irish estate agents for one reason. It’s designed and operated to put the agent in control of their own future and financial security, not its shareholders.

So if you’re looking to grow your career or business in 2020, Keller Williams is the place to be. 

Unlike traditional agencies, Keller Williams Ireland is an incubator for small independent Estate Agents in Ireland, providing entrepreneurs with a supportive environment in which to grow their own businesses with minimal risk and maximum return.

In the traditional high street model, all of the costs are fixed and upfront. Estate Agencies need to maintain an office or retail space to work in, signage to promote the business, secretarial support to maintain a presence when the Estate Agent is out of the office and access to accounting and IT support which is costly and not tuned to the needs of the business. 

This is all fixed cost, putting financial pressure on cashflow and distracting the agent from their main task. 

Keller Williams is different. We provide the office space, administrative support, World-leading technology and the potential for continued professional development within a nurturing and supportive environment.

Maximise your revenue with No Fixed costs!

Our model is based on commissions. If you don’t sell, we don’t charge you for using the extensive range of services we provide. 

There are no licence fees, no rent and no support staff costs, so no cash flow risk to your business and your brand. 

Instead, we fund the market centre through a minority share of the commissions you earn. If you don’t sell, you don’t pay.

It’s as simple as that!

When a sale closes, the commission is split three ways

63% goes to the agent

10% goes to Keller Williams

27% goes to the Market centre. 

So if you sell a €300k house on a 1.5% commission, that’s €2835 to the Estate Agent, €450 to Keller Williams and €1,215 to the Market Centre. 

Estate Agent commissions

But it gets better! The Market Centre’s costs are finite and mostly fixed, so, once these costs are covered, we cap the fee, meaning that once you’ve paid a fair share, you don’t pay any more to fund the Market centre, and you keep the 27% as well.

Where else lets you keep 90% of the fees!

So, for an agent selling 3 properties a month, with an average price of €300k and 1.5% fees, they can expect to earn €135,000 per annum, with no fixed costs.

Estate Agetn earnings

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It’s your name above the door.

Our success is based on your success, so we only work with the strongest agents in the country. They are already active and well known in their area’s with both expert knowledge and a strong reputation. They bring domain knowledge, passion and a big potential pool of buyers and sellers, so why wouldn’t we promote your brand?

Estate Agent Keller Williams

All of our agents operate under their own brand, not ours. You’ll retain your own website and online marketplace presence, plus any promotional content will highlight your brand and personal credentials, not ours ensuring your brand will go from strength to strength.

Technology for Estate Agents designed by Estate Agents

Keller Williams has invested over a billion dollars in technology to bring world-class marketing and business tools to our agents, simplifying the back office and letting you spend more time winning listings and selling homes!

From centralised administration of Listings, integrated with the most popular online marketplaces to effective sales processing and accounting packaging, controlling your business becomes much easier with Keller Williams.

Keeping track of your key relationships is handled as well with a fully integrated CRM which automatically records activity and create effective workflows and marketing campaigns, plus all the features you’ve come to expect from World-class CRM systems.

Hyperlocal content

Keeping in touch with your network has never been more important and Keller Williams provides a plethora of effective marketing tools to simplify the process and keep you top of mind with relevant, hyperlocal content.

Estate Agent Hyperlocal content

Our platform lets you design content, create automated campaigns and manage your social media and paid ad campaigns all from one simple to use portal.

Be all you can be in 2020

If you’re serious about going out on your own in 2020 or just want to reinvigorate your business, Keller Williams has to be part of your plans.

With the best-earning potential, world-class technology and an agent centred culture, no other organisation will help your business achieve it’s potential like Keller Williams.

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